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Yin-Yang Flow

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Led by: Marie

Date: Wednesdays

Time: 19.30-8.45PM

Price: £8.50 drop-in or 4 class pass £32.
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Using Yin & Pranayama to calm the mind, nourish the nervous system and increase the health of the bones, joints and deeper connective tissues with gentle, long-held, passive poses.

Combined with a mindful, creative Yang flow practice to move rhythmically with the breath, explore range of motion, flexibility and build strength.

Classes may explore moving from Yin-to-Yang or Yang-to-Yin but both will create harmony, wholeness and health as we bring these two contrasts into balance.

This class welcomes all levels of students with an open mind to explore creative movement and a willingness to become still.

Price: £8.50 drop-in or 4 class pass £32.
Pre-booking essential:



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Yin∶ Weekend Wind Down

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Led by: Marie

Date: Fridays:

  • August 14th & 28th
  • September 11th & 25th
  • October: 16th & 30th (please note this is the 3rd & 5th Fridays)
  • November 13th & 27th
  • December 11th (no 4th Friday due to Christmas)

  • Next session: Fri, 14-Aug-2020

Time: 6-7.15PM

Price: £8.50 drop-in or 4 class pass £32.
Pre-booking essential:

Press pause on the rest of the world and step into 75 minutes of reset and restore.

A practice to target the nervous system and soft tissue networks of the body.

Through pranayama and gentle, still, long-held Yin poses; we create an environment to support and nourish the nervous system and trust in the release of deep-rooted tension in the physical, emotional and energetic body.

Yin yoga is a functional practice that targets the bones, joints, fascia and other connective tissues to optimise their health and optimise range of motion and flexibility.

This class is suitable for all levels. No previous yoga experience required as it is a slow practice with modifications to suit everyone.

Please Note: Yin yoga typically supports the physical body with the use of props. If you are attending the yoga studio, due to current COVID-19 guidelines props will not be provided. I invite you to bring your own, to support the comfort of your practice, but please note this is not essential if you are unable to.

Suggested props: a blanket, blocks, cushions, a bolster.

It is not essential to have all props listed and if you are unable to bring props, variations will be offered to support your practice :)



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