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Guided Meditations for Stress, Anxiety and Empowerment

Led by: Cathy

Date: Wednesdays, Oct.24 - Nov.28th

Time: 7.30 - 8.30pm

Price: £85 for 6 week course

Enjoy taking some quiet time out to relax while doing some really positive work for your wellbeing. Leave the stress of the world behind and learn to let go of anxieties as we connect to an inner love and feel empowered and prepared for the future using guided meditations for Stress, Anxiety and Empowerment.

These Meditation Classes have been written using a gentle blend of relaxation and therapeutic techniques to help you to learn to relax, to escape from the stress and noise of the world, to support you to let go of anxieties and to feel empowered by connecting to your powerful mind.

These Wellbeing Classes are 45 minute Guided Meditations which progress over six weeks. Each week you will work on a different area of wellbeing for this subject which will include relaxation for the body and mind and that weeks guided journey. These powerful journey's included-

  • Welcoming calm and relaxation into the body and mind
  • Connecting to a deep inner stillness within yourself
  • Escaping the stress and noise of the world behind
  • Learning how to let go of fears and anxieties to feel safe (calming the fight or flight responses)
  • Connecting to an Inner love
  • Listening to your intuition, feeling empowered and manifesting a strong future

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Beginners Meditations Part 2 logo

Beginners Meditations Part 2

Led by: Cathy

Date: Thursdays, Oct.25 - Nov.29th

Time: 6:30-7:30pm

Price: £85 for 6 week course

For Advanced Beginners a set of fascinating meditation subjects.
Beginners Meditation Class Part 2 - These meditation classes are the 'Part 2' to the popular first set of Beginners Meditation Classes and are in the same format with new and exciting subjects to explore.

In these classes, you will extend your knowledge by learning about that week's subject and then taking part in a group meditation on the subject. All the information in class will also be given to you in a booklet to refer back to at any time, you will have access to all meditations online for home use too. There's so much to learn it's important for you to keep exploring!

These classes are brilliant for anyone who enjoyed the first set, for those who are interested in the subject matter and for anyone who wants to explore more about themselves by learning techniques to connect to different layers of themselves through meditation.

Over the six weeks of this Beginners Meditation Classes, Part 2 set you will explore a variety of subjects all very very exciting! In these meditation classes, we will talk through that week's subject before exploring a meditation journey on the subject. These classes include-

  • Angels and Auras
  • Japanese Reiki Healing
  • A Shaman's Toolkit connecting to your Native American Guide
  • Past, Present and Future Lives
  • The Legend of Atlantis
  • Lucid Dreaming Brain Training
  • A new Group Meditation each class on the subject covered
  • Unlimited access to the class meditation at home for personal use
  • A booklet on all the subjects covered to enjoy at home

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Crystal Workshop for Beginners logo

Crystal Workshop for Beginners

Led by: Cathy

Date: Sunday, 18.Nov

Time: 10.00 - 1.00pm

Price: £60

If like me you love crystals and would like to learn some practical ways to use them for your wellbeing this workshop is a good place to begin.

Everything is energy and when we understand how this can be used for healing and wellbeing benefits it can assist us in many different areas of life. This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn a little more about them, why you are drawn to them and practical ways to utilise this energy to enhance self-care, manifest your goals and create harmony in the home using simple methods. It also gives you the opportunity to buy more crystals!! As a fellow crystal hoarder, I understand you can never have enough!

The way we use crystals is so personal and so I wanted to give you three main areas of support that we can all benefit from- so you to choose what is right for you. We will learn how we can use crystals for self-care, the use of crystal grids for enhancing and manifesting for yourself and others and the basic principles of Feng Shui to encourage harmony using crystals within the home.

Spaces are limited - NOW ONLY 1 PLACE LEFT - so book quickly.

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