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Yin-Yang Workshop

Led by: Barley

Date: Sunday 11th August

Time: 10.00 - 3pm

    £35 Early-bird Offer
    £45 after July 11th

Yin is defined by the passive energy of the moon, building patience with a cool calming nature and reflective stillness.

Yang is fiery, an active sun energy, flowing with powerful momentum.

Embracing both qualities in our yoga practice can build a joyful equilibrium in our body and state of mind. This elemental practice of earth, fire, water air and ether will lead us from a Movement to Meditation.This workshop invites you into an exploration of these polar opposites by shifting the shapes both passively and actively prayer.png

    10am intro to the principles of yin/yang practice
    10.20 Yang Yoga Flow practice 'shaping the elements'
    12.30 lunch break (bring a shared vegetarian lunch)
    1.10 Yin Yoga Practice
    2.15 Moving to Relaxation & Meditation
    3pm End

Please bring your own Bolster if you have one. You can borrow or buy a Bolster from me.prayer.png

    £35 Early-bird Offer for Yin/Yang Workshop
    £45 after July 11th full price for workshop
    (Not for complete beginners or pregnancy )
    Limited Spaces available

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