That is infinite and This is infinite. The infinite proceeds from the infinite. Take the infinite from the infinite and it remains as the infinite. [Isa Upanisad]

The Yoga Tree has a dedicated luxurious consultation room. With professional therapists and consultants who care about you and your health.

You can book:

  •  Swami Hamsa Jnanananda Saraswati now offers 221 couple-councelling as well as 121 consultations. / WhatsApp +918627852026

  •  Consultation or PRIVATE LESSONS with Swami Atma Gyanam for Yoga, including for therapy, sports, meditation, or guidance: £40/hr. / 07598 937 665

  •  Tara Taylor: To book group sessions or private classes in Hatha Yoga, contact Tara: / 07901537403

  •  Rosie Farrell offers one to ones of £35 per session or 4 pre-booked sessions for £130 in Yoga, Pilates or Yoga Pilates Fusion. Contact Rosie to book: / 07958 169 528

  •  Lee, our British Academy of Rolfing® graduate, is available, by appointment, for 1-2-1 sessions on Wednesdays. Cost depends on length of session. 07583 702888 / email

  •  Rachel Cross provides Crystal Healing Treatments for re-balancing the emotional and energy body @ £45.00 per session and 1:1 Yoga Sessions/Lessons @ £35.00 per hour.
Call/e-mail/web enquiries: 07793 279567,,

  •  Marie offers 1-2-1 yoga classes. (£35 an hour or £30 for a block booking of 4):

  •  See Ceri for lifestyle and nutrition advice from an Ayurvedic perspective. Get a complete prescription of wellness with tailored nutritional and lifestyle advice with recipes and the option to purchase Ayurvedic medicines (in the form of herbs, creams, and powders) to help your body restore its natural balance.
To schedule an appointment contact Ceri directly on or to find out more about Ayurveda visit
£40 for an hour and a half consultation.

  •  Yoga 1-2-1 sessions with Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Enthusiast Vanessa Ponsford, for £30. Vanessa also offers Reiki (£30 per hour) or Reflexology (£30 per hour) too. 0785 1091794

  •  Laurie: Ayurvedic Yoga Massage: Balance your energies, release physical tension, & restore your body to health with Laurie. Whole body treatments that combine traditional Ayurvedic Massage techniques with assisted yoga stretches and deep breathing to balance,release and restore the energies of your body.
Treatments up to 90 min available. £50 per hour
For details please call, text, or email to Laurie